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I would like to take a moment to introduce http://reachforacure.blogspot.com/

Reach for life is a blog dedicated to giving voice, in one platform, to the many organizations that enable research and care of those affected by diseases without a definite cure. The thought came from a friend, Linda H.Batty, who lost her twin sister, Laurie, to ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. While Linda is deeply involved with constantly researching information and helping other families stricken by ALS, she struck a chord when she said that there are many organizations that are trying to do just this type of thing. I wondered if having them all in one place, with easy to access links, families' account of events and a run up of basic necessities will allow for greater participation in individual causes.  

My first few posts are about ALS, Linda and Laurie and the ALS Support group. They have a walk coming up on 17 September, 2011. A walk in support of many of those who lose that function, and are unable to reverse the damage caused. Many join this walk, to carry on in support of those who are no longer with them and to contribute toward research and basic necessities for survivors and the future.

While the blog discusses goals, costs, altered lives and hope, there is no money that goes through the blog. There are links provided in every page, that will take you to the website of the respective organizations. Contributions, no matter how small, make a difference toward the total that needs to be collected each year.

Please do visit, spread the word, contribute if you're up to it, follow and share your own struggles and triumphs.
If you know of any organization that could use one more public platform, please feel free to have them email me through the links provided. I will coordinate with members and structure an interview with relevant questions.

Please visit - http://reachforacure.blogspot.com/

Any comments, thoughts, insight, facts, and research news are very welcome.
If you have any equipment, and need to donate it, please contact the ALS Support page found in the blog.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing about it!



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