Backwards into the future

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Attended a discourse by another spiritual teacher today.

There was this thing he said that made sense in the way of finding the exact key to a lock. This bit of insight that he shared with us is not new. Not a unique view on life. But his representation of a common issue was so simple, hilarious and right, that it got everyone there nodding vigorously. Because we got it!

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Okay. The subject was about people being unable to let go of the past, live in the present and have a vision of the future. So imagine a time line that we are all standing on. The majority of the people of the world in the here and now. Standing. Ahead of them is the future. Behind them would be the past. The point they inhabit is the present. Of course, this holds true if we are all facing forward - right? facing the future, with our respective pasts behind us. What if this isn't true though? Then it could be that we're standing facing the past. Because we look back, regret, wish change upon a moment in our lives or simply resent ourselves. Maybe it's the mistakes we're looking at. But that's it! We're looking there! So we're facing our past on the great timeline of life and all the time, we're walking backward, blind, in to our future! Oh my! It was a wonderful interpretation of an oft discussed fallacy. So we're constantly looking at past laurels/mistakes/dislikes/fears and here we go repeating the same thing over and over because really, that's what we're looking at. Besides practicing the useless art of walking only metaphorically backward toward a future. Speaking of that future, we're walking backward, therefore, blind, with no concept of moving forward. We don't know what's ahead, because we're not looking for the next step forward. Besides which, we have no imagination about our futures, no vision of it and certainly, no faith in it. Why would we? If we're facing a past filled with the best times or the worst times or our worst selves. There is no preparation for a future we can't see. Just regret and defenses shored up against having the past repeating itself. A much cherished vision of the future can take shape only once we're looking at it. Without allowing the imprint of negativity to overwhelm what are our best traits - resilience, hope and the capacity for joy.

The solution offered was a change in consciousness. An uncomfortable first no when we feel the drag away from hope. A few uncomfortable refusals later, we'll begin to break a pattern. We create a new self, a new pattern and that, right there, is a step into a glorious future! We're making perfect use of the present in this way.

I am in love with this thought. Walking backwards into your future - just a choice of words and what a difference it can make!


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