Boquete zip lining heaven!

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After the white water rafting, we headed back to the Boquete Garden Inn. I was so sad to be leaving that place. Particularly since I had barely spent enough time (in my book) looking at every naturally flowering corner. We were all in for another gorgeous treat though. We just didn't know it yet!

View from our cabin in the Rio Crystal lodge
Driving up a few miles of lush rainforest, we headed higher to the Rio Crystal mountain lodge. It was absolute rainforest paradise. The weather is cool and moist. When we arrived, the mountains were dressed in a low fog. You could almost touch it. Ethereal. Again, the log cabins there are built unobtrusively. Spaced well apart and private, the interiors are clean and cozy. Smells wonderful too! Mini-Him and his friend had a field day running up the stairs to the loft where they had twin beds. Oh the shower! Huge! With twin showers and if you decide to go in there and use both, you might just not want to come out. There's a warm and inviting restaurant with an extensive menu. They also make simple dishes on request (the kids were fussy).
The Crystal river dancing over rock
We went out walking over the long trails the next morning. They had a variety of exotic plants that grew naturally in abundance along the forest. There's a foot bridge that takes you to the Crystal river. When you push leafy curtains out of the way, there's nature's tableau. Naturally formed rock creating mini waterfalls in the course of the river. The Crystal river was in full force.

A view of the log cabins

We went zip lining after that. Wooo! We took the Boquete Tree Trek tour that began in the Crysal lodge. A tram took us to the spot where we would begin. After instructions, we hiked a short way to the first of eleven platforms. The whole line is 3 km long with a 1150 ft drop. To be honest, during the first zip line, I really couldn't think! Let alone contemplate my gorgeous surroundings. Just focused on breaking when I was supposed to! Mini-Him did a tandem zip line with an instructor and was over the moon! One of those heart melting memories that will stay with me! His little Tarzan like yell as he zipped away and his open mouthed smile in the pictures they took for us! As we went between platforms, the green got under my skin.

Quetzal, Boquete Tree Trek
Another "Bird"
 For now, will have to stop with  "Bird"

There was a rare bird, easily startled, the quetzal that flew undisturbed. We caught a picture of it on a branch. A few more that our guides caught and I don't know the names of!

Zip line into paradise!
My arms were sore a couple of days after but it was worth every minute! We zipped right down to the restaurant lodge where they unharnessed us. 
A view from one of the platforms

A little certificate ceremony later, we left. More in my next post about the Flower gardens and a curious rock.


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