How real?

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Skinny arms browned further
Rise in request but the eyes
next to you say "don't hurt her"
Irises so wise

Little face, gap toothed smile
You stand weary
It won't be a while
Before she too sees life clearly

The dust, famine and storms
photo credit - dan;
reported in the news
etched in faces so worn
need not sermon nor meditation in dew
to realize the fabric of life is torn.

Yet you stand and ask,
I look into your eyes and see not any less
My emotions boiling behind a mask
I cannot see how I can with money bless

What is this world that deems me a giver
or a taker of nature and people
Does my bed and blanket protecting me from shiver
entitle me to folded hands in shape of a steeple?

For all the hardship and blessing in our script
That I have little to do with
The veil of illusion ripped
Superior Inferior a myth

Would coins erase the issue?
Your daughter for this life learning
That my life is of value
And simply nothing is all her yearning

Aye I'll give you coin
Pretend generosity
while entreating the world to enjoin
fight the monstrosity

For somewhere sometime you and I are one
Separateness, comfort mocking strife
Two sides of a looking glass, now we can't run
Oneness in spirit, invite balance, our lesson for this life

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