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Life with Karen's Karen Greenberg passed an award to me. I am honored to be called "A Stylish Blogger". I have never been called stylish and so am happy to accept this as a first :-) The title of this post is linked to her blog and you view her stories and many anecdotes through it :-D

I am passing this on to fellow bloggers whose blogs I follow. They have hilarious, profound, astonishing and flat out captivating posts. Do visit them!

radical ramblings and thoughts of a southern girl

As for seven things about me, well let's see -

I love the rain; it's terribly sad when it is accompanied by lightning because then I have to give in to practicality and avoid going outside.

I love the sun and humidity as well.

I listen to 70's music. Give me ABBA anyday!

I always wanted to be one of those anime characters in intergalactic wars as a child.

Then, I thought I was going to be a surgeon. Then I decided that I wanted to deliver babies. I sort of walked into physical therapy, looked around, and decided to stay on.

I will be staying home for up to a year. Am trying to enjoy everything possible before I fling myself back into work.

Love coconut water :-) Any time of day!

Thank you for visiting and sharing my thoughts.


  1. Thank you Anne, I feel so honored that you passed this on to me! Have a good day! ~

  2. You deserve it Pascale! :-)

  3. Oh Anne! Thank you SO much for this! I'm honoured that such an amazing writer like you finds my blog captivating. Muah!

  4. You're welcome Shabana! You deserve it...I've gone and shopped for a few more pieces after looking at some of your ensembles. So there is a literal and figurative sense here. You're amazing yourself! Hope you're settling in and are proud and happy as you deserve to be - hugs - Anne

  5. Hey Anne
    Thank you, thank you! I am settling in very well!

    Her's my post for today, accepting the Award:

  6. Wonderful :-) Will go check it out now...

  7. Hi Carolyn, they made my world when I was younger :-)Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Anne, thank you so much!! :) :) I would gladly accept the award and I'm honored to receive it from a wonderful writer and person like you! You made my day! Now I need to write my acceptance post :) Apart from writing 7 things about myself and passing it on to others, are there any other requirements? Sorry, its my first time! :D

  9. LOL! Tulika, you completely deserve it! No other requirements; just those two. Like I said, your blog is stylish no matter what you choose to do! - hugs -Anne

  10. Whoot! You totally deserved this, girlie! Oh, um, are you coming by to sign up for my Birthday Giveaway? You can't win if you don't sign up, you know. *grins* And I was wondering about that coconut water, it's good you say? :)

  11. Lindy! If they had one of those rolling on the floor smileys, I'd use it! You're so funny! I'm coming by for your Birthday Giveaway, wouldn't miss it for the world! And the coconut water, yes, make sure you have it before, during and after your workout. Also, make sure they aren't adding a ton of sugar in there.Will be by! Thanks for stopping by!


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