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distant and green,
knowing and belonging,
more with a hurried spider spinning away,
less with talk
and more with a cacophony as strange as a new language
yet, dearer for it's timely interjection.

Where my heart would fear the night
only because of a sudden slither
and death would be inevitable
but not so bad,
Where morning would
herald great hope
for a disobedient sun ray streaming past forbidding clouds
or hope for perfect juicy berries as a snack
or hope for serendipitous dinner discoveries
made while walking an un chartered course.

Where time would wait for
a sparrow to find it's chirp
and hours would be pinned by the traveling sun
where the moon would entertain
introducing stars and their entourage
and disappear to reappear again,
the best kind of magic.

A place where,
knowing within and without would be
the same, and my body the shell,
just a slight barrier
to eternity.

pic 1* - "Waterfall and Snowdrops at Dawyck Botanic G…