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Baby and time...

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It's been an eon since I last visited my blog :-) It dawned on me this morning, as I watched a nearly three month old Mini-Baby smile at the lush greenery outside our bedroom window. I had not intended to let so many days go by. I'd meant to document every stage in fact. But I got caught up. In expected changes, unexpected emotion and a sackful of hopes and dreams.

So, Mini-Baby arrived on May 20. I do believe in astrology and such things, and so I was adamant about Mini-Baby not arriving on that particular day. Nature must have heard only the echo of May 20 in my mind and did everything she could to accommodate my non-wish. But it was surprising, when I watched my water break again, that there was not a single, "Oh NO!!" moment. It was pure happiness all the way.

I remembered Miranda Kerr when I went on to deliver Mini-Baby. I thought of her, inexplicably, when I was trying to push him out. It had been too late to give me an epidural, and so …