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Messy perfection...

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Through kisses in the here and now
laundry loads and baked goods interspersed
questions arise of depth, and need.

Quick embraces between carpool and shopping
each touch a reaffirmation of love and care,
questions arise of intangible certainties and the conflicting now.

Warm and reassuring, you hold my hand, as we pick out more "stuff",
together we're in this, for sure, and yet,
questions arise of childhood dreams and unvarnished beliefs.

I see you walk, a slight hunch, a bald spot,
You see me waddle a bit, hair a mess,
dreams of perfection seldom had frames showing the passage of time.

Perfection apparently, includes ketchup stained jammies
and your shirts draped over walnut dining chairs,
Humanness perhaps, the only quality our hopes lacked.

Now we'll aim for more instances
of perfection, instances close to youthful yearning and belief
With messy interludes that make it worth so much more.

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