Away from you

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Hope like sunbeams
waltzing through a gray canopy
Insistent, persistent, true, it seems
a reminder that you're lost to me.

Certainty perfused, doubt dispelled
Yet I remember flashes of what will never be
Golden happiness on gray ocean held
for seconds before the 'crest of now' sets it free.

Free from yearning memories
Feelings from another time
Life devoid of you, yet abundant clarity
Another spirit, and me, now entwined.

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  1. Ann---love this,
    when you wrote it---is it about someone or a part of yourself...
    when I read takes me to those moments when depression overtakes and I lose a piece of myself--and then brings to those pivitol moments when I find that piece and I am found...
    would love to hear where you were when you wrote that too personal?

  2. Pam, it was about a part of myself. It occurs to me that I can never go back. Perhaps I was never that person, but I certainly aspired to some things. They are not to be...:-) But the here and now are as compelling and pressing. I was just sitting on my couch, late at night, with Mini-Baby doing his thing. Thanks for the comment and coming by! I've missed this :-)


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