Excerpt from With you in my heart

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With you in my heart is up on Smashwords - here's another excerpt from it...
Taban is a friend from Varun's time in New York. He has a great influence on Varun's life. A little scene from their particular interaction -

Sitting back one evening, Varun studied Taban thoughtfully as he microwaved yet another Cup-a-Soup and enjoyed it like a gourmet dish. As he plopped down in front of the television, he smiled at Varun. It occurred to him that Taban must have faced tremendous odds to be able to leave his country and study pathology in the US. The little things around never bothered him. Running through Central Park in the dusk, Varun asked, “Did you face opposition when you decided to leave Uganda?”
Taban laughed and asked in turn, “Who would oppose me?” His tall frame running with ease, he said, “I had no one to re-assure!” He laughed again, bright, strong teeth in a serious face, “I would not accept my fate farming chickens and sweeping refuse for my boss. Most of us would have continued until we owned our own farms and moved out. The only thing I loved about the farm was the way they composted. Take everything people don’t want and make it into something essential. So it was waste that inspired me! It appeared that I was superfluous too. But I could still do something with myself. There I was, no one would ever know whether I lived or died, no one would care if I ate or not. It seemed tragic when I was young. As I grew older, it became apparent to me that it could only be a boon. I didn’t have to give in to my fate and no one was going to stand in my way. When I won that lottery that the US embassy had, I could only think that it was not chance. I had waited all my life, preparing for the time when I could be more than I was. More than just waste!”
“Are you happy now?” Varun asked.
“No, I’m still me.” Taban guffawed.
Varun frowned. He meant to have a serious discussion. Taban always ended each of their conversations with a joke.
Chuckling, Taban said, “See, I can’t lose time wondering if I am as happy as I want to be. I know when something doesn’t feel right and I need to get out of a bad place. How do I know I am in a good place now? It doesn’t feel wrong. But I’m thinking that I still have a ways to go.”

Hope you enjoyed it...and if you've read the book and have any manner of feedback for me, I'd love to hear from you!


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