Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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With you in my heart
It's up. It's done. There are moments when I wonder what I was thinking. I often wonder what exactly I have that gives me permission to write. About life, people, beliefs and love. These are complex concepts. Or perhaps they are just as complex as we make them. I tried to make them work for the characters in the book. Tried to make them human, with fears, yet with the hope of doing something significant.
I've used nature a lot here. Rivers and trees and sunrises. People lose themselves in it and try to recover. It's my personal belief that nature restores energies in the way no human contact can. Varun, the male protagonist often goes away to "deprogram himself", as he says. Roshani Das lives in the present, using the sea as an analogy in many ways. At times, I thought that the descriptions of love or grief were rather strong. On reading everything over many times, I see that was the best way. Anything else would dilute the message. Better strong than dilute! 
Names too play a big role here. Each name chosen for the effect that it has on characters. It's a belief, among many cultures, that names have power. That they influence lives, choices, personalities. I've used that to influence the characters actions and potential.
I just wanted to write a story that considered extremes, different characters and how much is open to us to change in this world. How we're a mix of many elements that may, in a black and white way, categorize us as hypocrites. But, perhaps in the grand scheme of things, every innate contradiction is perfect. That this is possibly the only way we can grow. That growth is as much about living a life as it is about giving up the world.
So in that sense, the story I want to tell and the reality of a great many brilliant authors who are miles ahead of me can co-exist. Perhaps I'm not being arrogant, but am simply offering my view of thoughts that I'm sure we all think of everyday!
If anyone does read the book, let me know what you think. While I am writing for my pleasure, I am also writing to be heard. So it matters to me what my readers think.

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