An excerpt from "With you in my heart"

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I have an excerpt here from my book. This is from the life of Aditi, one of the main characters in the story.

-----She went to Dehradun. It was all her worried family would allow. The trip was about an hour away from Saharanpur. The college year was coming to a close and she had just six more months to go.  She insisted on traveling alone, and Mr. Krishna decided to make her as comfortable as he could. She stayed in a women’s hostel for the three weeks that she was away. She had left her books behind. Her desolation and hurt accompanied her wherever she went. The Sahastradhara springs, graceful and diminutive, were in full flow from the rains. She stood for hours under them, oblivious to the touristy stares and male curiosity. The sulfurous water washed away a lot. Her sense of shame, for one. Her need to conform diminished as she sat, listlessly, waiting for the oft discussed magical healing to take place. She went back to her basic hostel room, everyday for three days, wet and cold. One of her roommates threatened her. “I am going to let the supervisor know. You must be mad! Are you determined to get sick? Why come all the way here to do that? We don’t want to catch what you’ve got!”
Aditi spoke, willing her teeth not to chatter. “No…no more of this. I’m going to Chakrata and Deoban over the next few days. Really, I’m done with this purifying water stuff!”

She left with a backpack the next day. Pink t-shirt teaming with her fever to give her face a flush. Determined to sweat it off with whatever else ailed her, she walked throughout the Chakrata trails. The slopes undulating into meadows with conifers like sentinels. Her mind was blank while nature subconsciously eased her regret. No decisions, she reminded herself as she spied a helicopter. Rotaries beating a foreign rhythm. Memories had to be fought back just then. The time when a helicopter ride took her to yet another demeaning gathering where she was a sideshow.
Now, resting on a deodar tree, she watched the sun emerge from behind heavy grey clouds. A gauzy golden light feathering the conifer tops. Nothing mattered then. She had wanted to sort herself out. But here? Here there was no room for imperfection. She couldn’t see herself as flawed as she had believed for so long. “Om Shantih Shantih Shantih,” she whispered to herself. Perfect peace. She observed the outside for once and found nothing discordant. It was meant to be harmonious, was it not? The whole exercise was to live and breathe in harmony. What kept Jas from reacting in the most obvious way? She sighed. He was never too far from her thoughts.
She sat by the Ganges under rarefied air skies. Utterly blue. Utterly beautiful. Utterly lonely. A merry-go-round in her mind just missing the answer every time. Her response to Jas irked her. He was difficult. But, she herself was outright foolish.
Why had she let him define her whole existence? She thought back to days when she had sat in her father’s lap, loved and wanted. Nothing in her short life had prepared her for being the object of indifference. She had always been relevant. And her sense of it came from the way the people around her had treated her. Jas had taken over and acted like she was an acquisition to be held and maintained. Except once. The flames leaped to life in her belly inspite of herself. ----------

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Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, been supportive and offered encouraging words! It helps me believe!!!


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