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I'm so excited that I could dance forever!!!! An independent reviewer gave "With you in my heart" 4/5 stars.
I'm screaming right now and my poor child has been startled awake!!! I can't tell you what a great boost of confidence this gives me.

Jennifer Emard of http://thejenaissance.blogspot.com totally made my morning! I hadn't expected to see the review within three days! So prompt and professional.

I'm going to copy/paste parts of her review here -

"I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well-drawn and sympathetic, and at times, quite funny. The cultural attitudes towards women and arranged marriages is informative without being preachy. Around the middle you may begin to think that the plot twists are becoming obvious; don't be fooled. The author is just setting you up before she pulls the rug out from under you.
I have to say, I did not see the ending coming. Once Verun's secret is revealed, the story starts taking unexpected turns. Frequently I found myself thinking, "She/he is NOT going to do that!".
You'll find yourself racing towards the ending wondering how it will ever work out. I'm not usually surprised by books; this was a welcome and entertaining change."

Okay, I'll stop...but it's been a positive morning. 

Thanks for bearing with me. 

Hugs to everyone!


  1. Anne,
    What wonderful validation for what I already knew...you are a fabulous writer!!!! I think the man should take you out for a celebration tonight!!!!

  2. LOL! Pleemiller, thank you so much! I've been saying, that I want to jump into the Pacific, swim all the way across and back. Very excited as you can tell, LOL! The man will be cooking tonight. Yes. While I briefly indulge. You never know when a bad review will show up! Hugs - will visit your cyber home soon.

  3. I so wanna say 'I told you so!!'. Of course you'd get a great review, you're already an exceptional writer, we can see that from your blog! But a big Congrats and a BIG HUG back!

  4. Aww thank you Shabana, *blush*!!! I don't know about being an exceptional writer...I can only say that I hope I don't put people to sleep. That's really, my one and only requirement for myself. LOL! Thank you for the encouragement! Keep stylin'!!

  5. Oh, Anne! This is so incredibly awesome! Whoot! So happy for you, hon! I had just stopped by to wish you a Happy Fourth of July, and now, well this has made my day. Grinning from ear to ear! Congrats! :P

  6. Happy Fourth of July Lindy and am thrilled that you're excited for me :-D! LOL! Hugs and hope you all have a wonderful day. I miss the US today. My home away from home!

  7. That's an awesome review. Congratulations.

  8. This is fantastic Anne. I'm so happy for you!

  9. Thanks so much Karen! Hugs, Anne


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