With you in my heart

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My second book, titled 'With you in my heart' will be on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and goodreads on June 25. I started this way back in'09, hoping to be done a lot sooner. Many changes later, I found that the story that I wanted to write had changed as well. If you do buy it, please feel free to leave me a note - be it a comment or a suggestion. Here's the Smashwords page link - With you in my heart
I have here a little excerpt of it. There are three central characters and the story goes from India to New York and Arizona (yes, I know. I'm serious)

"The waves crashed over him. It looked like the beginning of time. When there was no one to know or see. In some irreverent part of his mind, he thought of this and the next thought was of Roshani in the morning; in her sheer pink night gown, the outline of her breasts visible in the morning light as she drank coffee, holding the mug with both hands. The water fought him, fiercely pushed him under. The wall of water was as solid as a cement wall. He tried to stop his face from being the first to receive each blow. Each breath filled his lungs with more water than air. The events that led to this particular time in his life probably weighed on his mind. But all he could think or feel was despair. Not despair that he would die.
Dyaus! Dyaus who kept him alive through dark moments. Dyaus who waited as Roshani did. Dyaus who loved him as Roshani did.
He hit something hard. The shooting pain in his ankle forgotten in the next wave. His body, excellent warrior against people and dogma, allowed the ocean to have its way. His last thought before a blessed void became his only conscious, was that he had been true. True to being a feeling, thinking entity who was incidentally, also a man."

If I could describe my uncertainty right now, I would be a variably intonated but oft repeated, "I don't know...I don't knowwww....oh my goodness what was I thinking?!...I don't knowww..."

But I've gotta do this! So I'm doing it :-) 

Take care ...thank you for stopping by and reading the many things that I post! I love having a cyber-voice!


  1. Anne, Just hopped over from Blogfrog to visit you here. Congratulations on your book due to be on various sites. You're a good writer.

    Coach Theresa

  2. Theresa, thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement. Helps with my nervousness :-) I will visit your blog now.


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