With you in my heart is on sale

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With you in my heart is on sale at Smashwords and Amazon! The links on your right should take you to the book page.

Will be available in a couple of weeks on Sony, Apple, Kobo and Scrollmotion.

The link should take you to the smashwords book page - With you in my heart

A description -
A journey of love and self-discovery.
Roshani Das overcame tradition to find success as a fashion model. When her deepest fear comes true, she fights back, finding a way to overcome a terrible blow. Seen as an enigma, she continues to live life on her own terms.
Varun Dev, rebellious yet spiritual, is determined to chart his own life. Determined to live in a world of his own making, he too lives on his own terms.
When Roshani and Varun meet, they feel a strong attraction that ties them together forever. Roshani overcomes her apprehensions and they are to be married. Tragedy strikes when Varun is lost at sea, while on an adventure. Unable to accept that he could be dead, Roshani breaks down. The biggest shock for Roshani, however, is yet to come.
The characters journey toward love, fighting odds and living life. Whether they live with nature in the Himalayas or beautiful Belize, or in vibrant New York City or Arizona, their path to love is strewn with answers that they look for within. 

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  1. Congratulations. That's a huge accomplishment.

  2. Hi Clover,
    Thank you for your good wishes. I do appreciate you stopping by :-)

  3. Congratulations Anne. That is really neat!

  4. Thanks Karen! It's finally done :-)


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