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Some body creams and scrubs are much better when made fresh, with ingredients right out of your kitchen.

One of my favorites is a pre-bath body cream. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes (atleast) before your shower. This keeps well in the refrigerator for at least two weeks.

So, the ingredients are as follows -
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Milk - half a cup
Honey - quarter cup
Crushed almonds/lentils/oatmeal/flaxseed - about two tbsp
Oil (almond and/or coconut and or/olive and/or sesame)
Lemon juice and rind (a quarter cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of lemon rind - the oils seep through this)
You're welcome to add essential oils to this mix or just plain rose water before use.

Add the lemon juice and rind after all the other ingredients have been whipped together.

Warm the mixture slightly before use.

It works well as a moisturizer, humectant and skin toner.

Make sure that you don't step into the sun right after applying this. It has lemon that can cause your skin to tan if not washed off properly.

Enjoy the lushness!


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